Events Schedule 2019

Morocco wellness retreat WELLNESS RETREAT MOROCCO

A week of daily fitness & yoga classes, fabulous retreat-style food, one to one nutrition sessions with Susie Debice plus PT sessions, massage & mountain hikes. Set against the stunning backdrop of the stunning Atlas Mountains with luxury accommodation.


Venue: Le Palais Paysan, Morocco 
Date: 6th - 13th March 
Tickets: £2095

Le Palais Paysan combines a tranquil location with the grandeur of the Atlas Mountains for a striking environment to enjoy the spectacular scenery, swimming pool, hammam, pretty gardens and luxury accommodation during your wellness retreat. The bedrooms are all stylishly furnished, very comfortable, and each comes with an en suite bathroom. All bedrooms also benefit from large private balconies or terraces giving sensational vistas of snow capped mountains. Exercise and activity is only half of what’s on offer for this  detox, wellness and fitness holiday. There’s plenty of detoxifying, healthy and nutritionally balanced meals prepared by the chef using quality fresh local fruits, vegetables, fish, and poultry with local spices, flavours and cooking styles to create delicious menus at every mealtime.


Woodland Spa


We are delighted to have been selected to provide a Woodland Spa at our local award winning family festival - Elderflower Fields Festival held on the Pippingford Estate within the Ashdown National Forest, East Sussex. 


Venue: Pippingford Estate, Nutley, East Sussex
Date: 24th to 27th May 
Tickets: £120

You can find the Woodland Spa in an exciting new location right in the middle of the festival nestled within the Lazy Glades. Step off the main track into the Woodland Spa and enter into a magical world of relaxation areas, wood fired hot tubs, sauna and treatment tents. Check-in for a blissful massage, book a hot tub session for a group of 6-8 friends or simply relax on some comfy cushions and enjoy a glass or two of fine English fizz, healthy snacks, superfood breakfasts and drinks with health benefits. Massage treatments available for pre-booking include Hot Stone Massage, Aromatherapy Massage, Holistic Relaxation Massage, Thai Massage and Shiatsu Massage. All the massage therapists have years of experience, are highly professional and multi-skilled with a toolbox of massage techniques including Swedish, deep tissue, acupressure points, energy work and myo-fascial release to deliver massages that are as light or as intense as required. The Woodland Spa is open from Friday 1pm-10pm, Sat and Sun 9am-10pm and Monday 9am-1pm.  


South France Wellness Retreat


Set in peaceful rolling countryside this renovated medieval chateau has been beautifully restored and is the perfect sanctuary for a detox, fitness and yoga holiday.


Venue: Puyssentut, South France
Date: 19th – 26th June 
Tickets: £1895

During your holiday, you’ll stay in one of 10 individually styled bedrooms, all with en suite shower. Only a short walk across the lawn from the house is the salt water swimming pool, lined by lavender, and dotted with sun loungers. During the week you can take part in daily fitness and yoga classes, one to one PT, nutrition coaching with Susie Debice and relaxation massage plus countryside hikes, a cookery demo and plenty of nutritionally balanced delicious retreat-style food including fish and poultry dishes created by the wellness chef. A truly inspiring holiday.


RITUALS TO COMBAT STRESS & ANXIETY  - Cookery & Beauty Workshop

A creative day with foods, superfoods and beauty rituals to help relax the body, calm the mind and encourage restful and restorative sleep.


Venue: Newick, East Sussex                                            Date/Time: 17th August 10am – 4pm 
Tickets: £80

This day introduces you to foods, superfoods and beauty rituals that help reduce stress and anxiety – it’s a fun and creative day spent entirely in the kitchen learning how to make easy healthy recipes (smoothies, breakfasts, snacks, enervy balls, salads etc) from ingredients that calm the nervous system and support the adrenal glands. It’s not just about food as we’ll also be using calming organic aromatherapy oils to make beautiful lotions, potions and bath salts with pretty organic flower petals to help settle your soul and support restful beauty sleep. You’ll be working in pairs so you could come with a friend or your daughter as the skills, recipes, remedies and tips you’ll be learning about will come in handy during exam time, when starting a new job or for life’s more challenging moments! Includes: Cookery Workshop, Beauty Workshop, Healthy Recipes Handout, 2 Course Lunch, Healthy Snacks, Goody-Bag.


Peri-Menopause Nutrition Talk

SMOOTH PERI-MENOPAUSE - Nutrition Talk & Cookery Workshop 

For 40+ women curious to discover how nutrition can help you sail through this phase of womanhood with ease and grace!


Venue: Newick, East Sussex
Date/Time: 21st September 10am – 4pm 
Tickets: £80

Sign yourself up for a Smooth Peri-Menopause! You may have already started to notice subtle changes in your mood, energy, body temperature, periods and ability to cope emotionally. Time to get clued up! In the morning Nutrition Talk Susie explains how and why your hormones change as you travel through your 40's and 50's, linking common symptoms to the different stages of the peri-menopause. You'll discover plenty of diet and lifestyle tips and review specific foods and nutritional supplements for different symptoms and scenarios. After a healthy lunch made from ingredients known to help with hormone balance you’ll be paired up for the Cookery Workshop and prepare a selection of healthy dishes with hormone balancing ingredients. Includes: Nutrition Talk, Cookery Workshop, Handout with Nutrition Tips & Healthy Recipes, 2 Course Lunch, Healthy Snacks, Goody-Bag.


NATURALLY  YOUTHFUL SKIN - Nutrition Talk, Cookery & Beauty Workshop

Discover natural ways to boost collagen, reduce pigmentation and improve skin tone and elasticity. Learn how to nourish your skin!


Venue: Newick, East Sussex
Date/Time: 12th October 10am – 4pm 
Tickets: £80

Sun damage, getting older, poor diet, dehydration, nutrient deficiencies and the stresses and strains of life can all impact on your ability to maintain naturally radiant youthful skin. In the morning Nutrition Talk nutritionist Susie Debice uncovers nutrients, foods and nutritional supplements that provide true skin nourishing properties from within. After a healthy lunch made from foods rich in skin hero ingredients it’s into the kitchen for a food and beauty workshop. Working in pairs you’ll chop, blend and bake your way through some super skin healing recipes and since protecting your skin from the outside is also vitally important you’ll be making an antioxidant rich face balm and a skin nourishing fine-line serum. At the end of the day Susie reviews clinical skin treatments to avoid and gives the thumbs up to clinical treatments that work in harmony with your skin. She will also demo a cost-effective home non-nonsense skin toning gadget - an alternative to expensive clinic treatments. Includes: Nutrition Talk, Cookery Workshop, Handout with Nutrition Tips & Healthy Recipes, 2 Course Lunch, Healthy Snacks, Goody-Bag.