Jeanette Seabrook hosts Peri-Menopause Talk Friday 18th May 2018

18th May 201810am-12.30pm

Speaker - Susie Debice Bsc Hons, Dip ION, Sussex-based Nutritionist, Food Scientist and author with 20 years experience working as a practitioner, teacher and body worker.

Private Venue - Keymer - address and venue details will be emailed across once upi have booked your ticket. Price includes refreshments (drinks and snacks) there is also a Well-being Shop stocked with nutrition supplements, superfoods and aromatherapy bath salts which will be open at the end of the talk.

Get prepared for your peri-menopause with a healthy serving of dietary advice, lifestyle tips, superfoods and nutrition supplements so you can embrace this hormone transition with knowledge, ease and grace!

Interior designer Jeannette Seabrook opens her beautiful home to host this private event. Marvell at the soft furnishings and clever colour combo’s and tap into Susie’s knowledge, experience and enthusiasm. An essential talk for 40+ women wanting to get clued-up or who already experience symptoms.

Common symptoms include

low mood - fatigue - poor memory - ageing skin - irregular cycle heavy bleeding - weight gain - hot flushes - anxiety - low libido.